this is an awards eligibility post

hi! so, i had some stories published this year, and they are eligible for awards! i have been informed that no one will know this unless i advertise it, so here they are:

Anaphora (Ten Ways to Greet a Time Traveler)

Plato was not terribly surprised when the time traveler arrived. 

flash fiction (620 words), published in Milk Candy Review on january 21, 2021, pushcart nominated! read here.

Phosphor’s Circle

They only gave me the job because I’d been in the school play.

short story (3,000 words), published in Asimov’s Science Fiction in may/june 2021, reprinted in Haven Speculative november/december 2021! read here.


I wait until we’re over the county line to stop at a gas station.

flash/short story (1200 words), published in Hallowzine in october 2021. read here (page 105).

thank you for considering these, and please feel free to drop me a note if you are nominating and need another reading format!


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