vvacation, all I ever wanted

I didn’t intend to do a vvitch thing there, but I made the typo and didn’t undo it (I haven’t seen the vvitch but I am sure I will enjoy it if I do).

the boys and I are housesitting and I am in heaven. they’re alternating between video games (sam) or art (gabe) and the pool (both of them) while I sit around writing a story or reading my book or knitting my socks, with plenty of time in the hot tub. HEAVEN.

it isn’t truly a vacation because I still have to feed us, which it turns out I am extremely bad at, but will is here for the weekend and he went shopping for food I will actually prepare and even eat. when I say I need an adult, I mean him, specifically.

the story I have been writing on is a little dark academia idea I’ve been carrying around for years. it’s 90% dreamy description with maybe 10% plot sneaked in, mostly in the form of more description. I love it.

I might also work on the dreaded screenplay, or I might not. who can say.

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